The Absalom Chronicles

The White Snake Rises

in more ways than one ;)

Team White Snake: Pretending to be a couple on a bench to stake out the guru woman’s house. After an hour or so a tall, regal, fancy-dressed ponce came out of the house. We followed him to a Dance Hall in the Ascendant Quarter and we knew we couldn’t get past the bouncers so Salvo and I decided to split. I climbed the wall and broke through a window and checked the rooms:

  • Office – nothing useful
  • Bedroom – no bed? Foreign clothing: men and women’s
  • Kitchen – silverware set out but not touched

Then it hit me: She was the man we passed. Salvo had figured that out too by the time I got there so we ran back to Barentau’s to tell the others.

Team Boulder Helmet: Traveled to Copperwood to fight some banditos. Ishmael talked to some guards about what happened but they didn’t have that much information to give. They do have horses and horses come from the west. Alduina wantsta hire sell-swords to fight ‘em. We’ll probably have to talk that one out some more, I don’t really trust mercenaries (though I guess I kind of am one? Does that make me a hypocrite?).

After we told them about the supposed shape-shifter, and bemoaned the fact that we are all poor plebs who cannot gain entry to the fabled Halls of Dance, we realized we knew someone who could and did, who had once taken us (when Alduin insulted a mannered minotaur), and within whose house we were currently in.

We went to Barentau to see if he had been in the Dance Hall and had seen our Vudra shape-shifter lady-man. He recognized the description and said that he was Lord Cyne, a member of a small noble house from Taldor. Cyne was close friends with Baron Eathsin, a really influential noble—that might prove troublesome.

Ophelia deduced that it might be an aberrant creature and we laid a plan to ambush it in its house: Salvo and I will sneak in the house and confront Cyne; Ophelia will perform in the street to draw the attention of the passersby; while Ishmael and Alduin, posing as guards, will patrol the district.

When we arrived, a candle was lit in the top story. Invisibly and silently, Salvo and I snuck through a window and then upstairs. Through the cracked door, we saw the Vudra woman standing in her “bed”room, staring out the window. It seemed really staged to me: the light, the conveniently cracked door, the dramatic staring. I warned Salvo and we waited in the office next door for her to make a move.

Then we heard the door downstairs open and, while hiding, we saw a cane reach in and close the door to the room we were hiding in. Salvo practically floated out of the window to sneak back in the one we left open downstairs seeing as the doors creaked so loudly. I leaned against the door and listened to whatever I could hear—which wasn’t much.

After freaking out in the silence for what felt like forever (what if they found Salvo? What if they took him and I didn’t hear? What if they were coming for me and I didn’t know?), I heard a kind of boom and opened the door to see if Salvo was okay, which he was, thank Desna.

Then he moved and threw a thunderstone at the opening bedroom door.


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