The Absalom Chronicles

I'm a Monster (Ophelia)


I heard an explosion and stopped my performance. I ran towards the house and helped as best a could, but then something happened. I… changed… I couldn’t think. I couldn’t feel. Everything went red. I was so… angry. I lashed out at the first thing I could find. When I wiped the red from my eyes I saw Alduin and Whitt hitting me. My hands were deformed with monstrous claws. I knew I would try to kill them if I had the chance, so I ran. I tried to run out, but Whitt followed me. She might have been hitting me but I couldn’t feel it. I ran back and hid myself. I was so ugly…

Suddenly there was an explosion and everything went quiet. I didn’t want to look. I heard a voice but I didn’t want them to see me. Then I felt the curse regressing. My hands returned to normal, but I was shaking, and I hurt. I didn’t want to stand. I guess Purple must have died.

Salvo gave me back my gun. I must have dropped it. I didn’t even notice. The others were talking about the other colors and fixing the house. Suddenly the corpse spouted out a green light, then blue then yellow… they spoke of what should be done with us. They said something about a Bloody Eagle. Whatever that is, they want us dead.
Whitt apologized but what was there to apologize for? I was a monster. A liability. A pest. I left and headed towards Berentau’s. I just closed myself in my room and turned in. I didn’t want to deal with anything else for the rest of the night…

The next morning we went for breakfast at Rockbottom. Seeing the familiar place helped get my mind off of last night. The others spoke of tracking down the “Yellow.” Whitt mentioned the bloody eagle thing. She said it was a method of execution where the lungs are torn out and draped over the back like wings. They said Berentau might know more about it or something, so we headed back. He said that humans of Ulfen decent would still practice such things. He also said that if these beings were from another world they’d start researching their history at that point.

No one seems to know what were doing. Alduin seems to think we can sneak in, but we don’t know WHERE yet. We need to find it first. We decided to search the eastern outskirts of the city.

Went to a city east of Absalom called Copperwood. Bandits stole people. No idea where they went. The people in the city said they lost the bandits in the mires. We decided we needed some way to find them uing divination magic. We found out one of the bandit commanders was named “Red Tom.” He used to be Corporal and was denied promotion, so he killed some of his men and ran off. We know he and his bandits tend to move around, but we don’t know if he’s associated with “Yellow” or not.

We decided to go back to Grandmaster Torch in Absalom and ask him what he knows of Red Tom. He said he’s traveling in the plains. He also said he had “Ulgoth the Black Handed,” “Erasmus Kine” and “Rilana Aeregaal” with him. All formidible in their own rights. There are also rumors that he “devours” his victims.

We went over to the mage’s tower looking for someone who could scry the location of the bandits. We found Grand Diviner Exard in the directory and went up to his room. An old Half-Elf. He told us to find an old wanted poster with a picture of the men in question. We managed to find a very freash one of Red Tom and some dirty ones of the others, but some of them didnt have pictures. The mage started scrying, but soon after he started convulsing and yellow light spilled out of his mouth. A voice came out but it didn’t use the mage’s mouth at all. It was Yellow. We were able to get a rough idea of where they are. It’s good that we know where it is now, but it still worries me. Alduin’s Hammer is still at the smith though…


Faultywhale Lila_Kaninchen

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