The Absalom Chronicles

He'll kick you apart.. he'll kick you apart.


Captains log, day….Wednesday.
Ishmael’s been all over this damn city looking for little Whitt. No one can seem to find her.. Which… Ishmael figures is a good thing considering these creepy dreams that people have been having about her. But.. Ishmael doesn’t know why Whitt would just disappear like that all of a sudden.. unless she was captured (totally not possible, Ishmael knows how strong Whitt is), then why wouldn’t she come to us for help. If she were in danger, Ishmael would give her life to protect Whitt.. Hell, Ishmael would give her life for all of her comrades.. Whitt, Salvo, Ophelia, Arlington, Alduin… Ishmael can’t… afford to lose another comrade.. We must find Whitt, she has to be safe. Salvo is checking her home, Ophelia and Alduin are… well.. Ishmael isn’t quite sure about them.. Maybe something about heading to the Rock Bottom? And this one is stuck here at Barentau’s estate waiting for word from the others. Ishmael will update later.. it’s hard to just sit around though..

Update: WHITT HAS RETURNED, UNHARMED!!! Ishmael doesn’t know whether she should have hugged Whitt or punched her for scaring Ishmael like that! Everyone was worried for her safety. Ishmael’s just glad she’s okay… There is only so many near heart attacks a Gillman can have before she locks everyone in the brig to keep them safe.. Oh man.. Ishmael can feel more white hair growing in… Ishmael needs to find these assholes quick and destroy them before they hurt anyone else.. Oh! Speaking of destroying, Barentau’s thug-men-hunter-guys came back from Neumeria, and they had information on the green gems. Apparently the green gems are “shards of ruin” and they’re a “souvenir” from some dead planets destroyed by a douche called “Elloquix”. Ishmael never heard of the guy, and destroying an entire planet? Come on.. that’s ridiculous!.. right? No one can really destroy an entire planet… It seems a little odd for a “destroyer of worlds” to be lurking around himself… And where on earth would a guy like that be hiding.. he has to be ENORMOUS in order to be able to destroy worlds! But, Regardless of his size we have to find him, and detain him. He’s still got a bounty on Whitts head and that has got to come to an end.. Ishmael means.. like.. really.. Whitt has to dress in drag to go out in public.. and we have to call him “White”. It looks like a pretty solid disguise.. s/he looks like a thug. So Ishmael doesn’t think anyone would suspect “White” of being Whitt.. But that’s just Ishmael. We’re about to head out to some place in the puddles, we’re looking for some “Grand Master Torch” guy.. He’s said to have information that might be useful to us in locating this Elloquix monster.. Ishmael will keep you posted CL!

Update: Ishmael seems to by writing to you a lot today CL.. Guess this one just has a lot on her mind.. Hell, maybe Ishmael could use this as a story to tell the future grand guppies.. Ishmael will tell them of her encounter with the underground cave dweller of the puddles, Grand Master Torch, and how he helped guide us to Kaelgor’s Rest, the place where the sinister Elloquix might have resided (Spoiler alert: he’s totally there). And Ishmael will tell those little guppies of her heroics at Kaelgor’s rest, and how she vanquished 30 doppelgangers and 20 tentamorts with her harpoon alone! She harpooned their hearts and crushed their souls! Well… maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the guppies don’t need to know that. Although Ishmael does have to admit, her fins got a little moist (if you know what Ishmael means CL ;)) watching Alduin fight like he did. Like, shit, he’ll kick you apart, he’ll kick you apart.. there were torsos flying left and heads flying right and Ishmael thinks she saw an ear or two stuck to the wall by the end of it.. it was brutal! Mental note CL, do not piss off Alduin…


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