The Absalom Chronicles

Who the fuck stole my Gems?!

Alduin's (Late) Log

By the time we’d left Illoquix’s smoldering crystal pile in the temple, I was tired. Arguing with the group drains my spirits, and watching Ishmael almost die was pretty taxing. This armor gets heavy too: I found myself in some nameless bar drinking again, just like old times. Someone was able to get my gem out of my hands, dunno how though. I like to think I’ve got a good grip on things: physically, not in my life. Salvo probably slipped it from me when I wasn’t paying attention: hard to tell. Could’ve been Whitt too though, but Whitt probably lost interest as soon as we parted. I’ll wager Salvo slipped em.

Alright: someone managed to get their hands on my stash. Now I’m really hoping it’s Salvo… that was all my gem. Those were my assets: I’m fuckin’ worthless now. I was hoping to sell them all off as precious bauble type gems now that Illoquix is dead. But I guess that’s the end of that fuckin’ plan.

Salvo doesn’t have them. I think. I can’t tell with him, or anyone really, but he offered to come get a drink with me. The gang ended up joining us and we saw Lord Aaron (Erin? I unno.) having a drink too. But he was alone, and he looked lonesome… he said he’d lost his first love this day. Can’t help but feel bad when someone whose all sunshine and rainbows and parties is drinking alone like that, eyes sunken in their only drink. We all listened to him talk for a while, it was a bit heart breaking. But he is a bit of a fool to get all those other unearthly women chasing him too. I’d gladly trade places with him anyday though.

We spoke to Grandmaster Torch earlier and he tipped us off to some bandits out the east side… ballsy shits, they raided the town. I didn’t read much into his grovelings, unlike the others (don’t seem to trust him a whole lot, but I guess I’ma poor judge of character). I’m more interested in the tall fucker he mentioned. He might be like Illoquix, but, he might just be a man. I’m always looking for a foe witha lotta martial prowess. I love to spar and fight with the lads at the Temple of Torag: but an evil combatant that can threaten me? That’s a rare one.

Similairly, we spoke to some of those dream-nuts and decided to seek out the ones who were seperated and coordoned of after they lost their connections to their god. I hope they feel that connection again, but I suppose we all want it. Either way, they still felt Illoquix purveying their dream… or rather, Blue Illoquix. They wanted Whitt but wouldn’t on basis that their reward seemed impossible. Shakes me up a bit that it wasn’t on a matter of principle, but, I guess I was tempted too. Their ring leader is some purple eyed harlot that we suspect might have a connection to those other extraterrestial world eaters. So the party split, despite how we knew it’d piss off God.

Ishmael and I took off to investigate the man in the armor. Apparently he’s got a thousand strong army, but I think sending the two of us over was the smartest move. We can take em, probably. Might need to tie my arm or two up to even it out. The sneaks went after purple princess, said they’d do a stakeout and make a move from there. Hope they can maintain civility, at least until Ishmael and I get back.


Faultywhale Thatwithoutahome

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