The Absalom Chronicles

Search Party


I decided to check out the temple today. It took me a while to move to the Ascendant District unnoticed, but I don’t think I caught any unwanted attention. I’ve never been to one of these before… the priests are riled up about some comet that struck North of the town. They think it’s a sign from Desna herself. I don’t really think giant rocks are her style, but I guess they’d know more about it than me.

When I left the temple I saw a familiar looking Dwarf. I trailed him for a bit. It looked like Alduin, but a lot older. Maybe his father? He walked across town to a gathering at Westgate. Adventurers were being screened by the guard. They want to form a search party to find those who went missing investigating the comet. While the crowd was gathered I took the chance to talk to the dwarf, and it surely was Alduin. He didn’t seem to think much of his rapid aging. Maybe that’s just how dwarfs work, I don’t know. And if it doesn’t bother him then I see no need for concern.

Leaving the town for a bit might be a good idea. Maybe throw Leman’s men off my trail. But it looks like his cousin, Lothain, is a part of the search efforts, so I’ll have to keep a low profile. That should be easy with the crew we’ve got. The half-orc stirs up enough trouble alone to keep Lothain’s attention. Another guy I’ve seen in the Puddles, Gren Blackfoot, is here, and I doubt his intentions are pure.

The only other one I recognize is the goblin, Arlington. He runs a Pawn shop in the Puddles, and I went to him a few days ago to see what he knew about the amulet. He didn’t have any new info, and now I have to make sure he doesn’t bring it up around Lothain.

A young girl joined up, Whitt’s her name. Talks a whole lot. Spoke to me for quite a bit. It was nice, though I’m not sure if I could really call my contribution much of a conversation. I couldn’t really tell if she was talking with me or to me. She’s got a real romanticized view of the criminal world. She’s smart, but a girl from the Coins couldn’t understand what it’s like to have no bed to go home to.

Ishmael is an interesting one. Says her own name a lot, but when she speaks she cuts right to the heart of the matter. Seems like a respectable, no-nonsense kind of person.

Ophelia hasn’t said a whole lot. From what I can tell she appears to be like me, but not completely. Her skin has a reddish tint to it. I have no idea what that might mean nor do I know what her intentions are. I should be careful around her.

After a few bouts of bickering we finally reached the site. The comet had struck ground near an old siege tower. The others gathered up chunks of the rock, finding small green geodes within. Seeing signs of a struggle moving toward the tower, we headed there to check it out. The Half-Orc burst into the tower and was immediately mauled by goblins. We killed the things, but not before Gren was hamstringed and Lothain had his face torn off. I’m certainly not happy that anyone’s dead, but with Lothain gone I can breathe a bit easier. I should make sure his death is handled sensitively to avoid drawing attention from his family to this excursion.

Arlington thinks it’s strange that the goblins knew were to place lethal stabs. I’m not sure why he, of all people, are surprised that goblins can be intelligent. Besides, stabbing techniques seem like something they’d be eager to commit to memory.

Searching downstairs, there was a well-secured metal door, behind which I could hear sobbing. Hopefully that’s the missing group. More goblins were in room nearby. Arlington pretended to be one of them to see what information he could get. He wasn’t talking to them very long before he said the codeword for us to attack. After we made quick work of the two goblins he said they were reporting to something named Chompgut. Instead of chasing goblins down their tunnels, I think we should release the captives and get them back to Absalom.


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