The Absalom Chronicles

Adventure Log


Priest Garret Andalin seemed to see right through Salvo’s plan. He saw right through his invisibility and summoned three Dretches, which are the lowest of the low as far as demons are concerned. They can become all other demons, but in this state they’re just kind of lazy and moldy and gross. Alduin started out by pulling Andalin’s robes down around his ankles. He’s doing that a lot lately. Ishmael took out one of the demons in two well placed swings and sent it flying. I wasn’t so lucky. I need to start carrying holy bullets or something. We eventually took out the demons, but Andalin got really strange. Salvo seemed to want to take him alive until he started teleporting around. Ishmael followed him and gave him a square stab in the chest. Then the eye on his forehead sort of… pulsed… and he pulled the harpoon right out. He changed entirely. Bits of him kept flying off but he didn’t seem to react at all. Andalin was gone. What was left was just a corpse; a puppet. It was like watching a marionette get smacked around: it doesn’t actually feel anything, but the controller reacts. What does the possessor gain by hanging onto this lifeless shell? His spells seemed to get more powerful too. Before most of his spells were failing, but after the… pulse… he nearly took out Ishmael. She had to abscond in order to keep her life. In the end, we couldn’t actually “kill” him. Alduin and Salvo managed to cut his hands off in order to stop him from casting spells.

“This is too tiresome,” the voice said. The body ejected a gem from the eye on Andalin’s forehead and the body slumped over. It was finally over.

Salvo tried to reposition the body to make it look better, but to be totally honest I don’t think there was anything to be done; it was pretty destroyed. We decided that we should wait around to see if anyone would show up with Whitt so that we could ambush them. We rested and waited around for a bit but no one came. Ishmael and I went into town for a few supplies and a Scroll of Restore Corpse. Salvo doesn’t seem to like disrespecting the dead, even if they did mean to kill us. I suppose I can respect that.

The night after the fight Salvo spoke to me about Alduin’s whole “wife” joke; at least I hope it’s a joke. He asked if I wanted him to tell Alduin to stop, but I told him I’d rather deal with my own problems. Besides, I don’t understand Alduin’s angle with it. He could just be trying to be endearing or something, like Salvo said, but… I don’t know. A part of me doesn’t want to hurt him. He seems like he’s had his share of hurts and losses and wants to keep things light. Maybe I need to lighten up too…

We decided to split up to search Whitt’s normal places to be and also deal with the whole Priest of Desna problem. Salvo went to the temple and slipped some propaganda around, “Beware the green gems; they lead everyone to ruin. Destroy them. One of your followers was taken by the gems, his body resides at the dilapidated warehouse at the docks.” Ishmael went to check at Berentau’s and I went to Rock Bottom to see if she had gone there. Alduin followed me and felt it necessary to tell the Barkeep that we were married. I decisively told the Barkeep that we were NOT married. I think I will talk to him about this as soon as I know what to say. He might even just keep kidding around just to keep the joke going. Whitt hadn’t been there since we had been there with er, so we decided to meet up with Ishmael at Berentau’s.

No sign of Whitt at all. Ishmael found that Berentau’s gem was stolen out of his amulet. Salvo made the observation that the gem was around before the asteroid fell. We need to find out where the gems are going. I tried to see what sort of magic was on the gem that was used on Andalin. The gem has a certain puppet spell on it that can be forced, but can also be used with a willing participant. Neither Alduin, nor Salvo had the spell used on them, so I can only assume that the entity we’re up against is confident. Cocky. He will only use those who are willing to achieve his ends. I don’t think Whitt is of the mind to let something like that happen to her. I don’t think she is… I hope I’m not wrong…


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