The Absalom Chronicles

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Search Party

I decided to check out the temple today. It took me a while to move to the Ascendant District unnoticed, but I don’t think I caught any unwanted attention. I’ve never been to one of these before… the priests are riled up about some comet that struck North of the town. They think it’s a sign from Desna herself. I don’t really think giant rocks are her style, but I guess they’d know more about it than me.

When I left the temple I saw a familiar looking Dwarf. I trailed him for a bit. It looked like Alduin, but a lot older. Maybe his father? He walked across town to a gathering at Westgate. Adventurers were being screened by the guard. They want to form a search party to find those who went missing investigating the comet. While the crowd was gathered I took the chance to talk to the dwarf, and it surely was Alduin. He didn’t seem to think much of his rapid aging. Maybe that’s just how dwarfs work, I don’t know. And if it doesn’t bother him then I see no need for concern.

Leaving the town for a bit might be a good idea. Maybe throw Leman’s men off my trail. But it looks like his cousin, Lothain, is a part of the search efforts, so I’ll have to keep a low profile. That should be easy with the crew we’ve got. The half-orc stirs up enough trouble alone to keep Lothain’s attention. Another guy I’ve seen in the Puddles, Gren Blackfoot, is here, and I doubt his intentions are pure.

The only other one I recognize is the goblin, Arlington. He runs a Pawn shop in the Puddles, and I went to him a few days ago to see what he knew about the amulet. He didn’t have any new info, and now I have to make sure he doesn’t bring it up around Lothain.

A young girl joined up, Whitt’s her name. Talks a whole lot. Spoke to me for quite a bit. It was nice, though I’m not sure if I could really call my contribution much of a conversation. I couldn’t really tell if she was talking with me or to me. She’s got a real romanticized view of the criminal world. She’s smart, but a girl from the Coins couldn’t understand what it’s like to have no bed to go home to.

Ishmael is an interesting one. Says her own name a lot, but when she speaks she cuts right to the heart of the matter. Seems like a respectable, no-nonsense kind of person.

Ophelia hasn’t said a whole lot. From what I can tell she appears to be like me, but not completely. Her skin has a reddish tint to it. I have no idea what that might mean nor do I know what her intentions are. I should be careful around her.

After a few bouts of bickering we finally reached the site. The comet had struck ground near an old siege tower. The others gathered up chunks of the rock, finding small green geodes within. Seeing signs of a struggle moving toward the tower, we headed there to check it out. The Half-Orc burst into the tower and was immediately mauled by goblins. We killed the things, but not before Gren was hamstringed and Lothain had his face torn off. I’m certainly not happy that anyone’s dead, but with Lothain gone I can breathe a bit easier. I should make sure his death is handled sensitively to avoid drawing attention from his family to this excursion.

Arlington thinks it’s strange that the goblins knew were to place lethal stabs. I’m not sure why he, of all people, are surprised that goblins can be intelligent. Besides, stabbing techniques seem like something they’d be eager to commit to memory.

Searching downstairs, there was a well-secured metal door, behind which I could hear sobbing. Hopefully that’s the missing group. More goblins were in room nearby. Arlington pretended to be one of them to see what information he could get. He wasn’t talking to them very long before he said the codeword for us to attack. After we made quick work of the two goblins he said they were reporting to something named Chompgut. Instead of chasing goblins down their tunnels, I think we should release the captives and get them back to Absalom.


As soon as we fought the goblins we heard a cry. We entered a room that had a bugbear. After fighting him for a little the bugbear surrendered. His name is Garukol. He told us that he could show us the way to Chompgut. He even offered to bring us to a secret treasure. However, our main goal is to save these people. So we decided to restrain the bugbear and carry on with our endeavor.

On the way out we were ambushed by another group of goblins. This seems strange though. They should be backing off seeing how we’ve killed so many already.

It seems that these goblins are going after the gems. I have to study them and try and find out what they are.

A goblin jumped into Alduin’s bag. I had to stop him so I jumped in after him . I had to reveal my extra limb in order to subdue him. Now everyone is aware of my abnormal anatomy. All I can hope is that after this I never have to see them again. I don’t feel like dealing with their ridicule.

I wish others wouldn’t speak their minds about goblins in front of me. I understand that there are very few good ones but not all of them are like that. I’m not like that. Not anymore.

We made 500 measures for returning the people alive. I hope we can get this over with soon.

On our way to see Chompgut we heard chanting in goblin. They were chanting to Lamashtu the mother of monsters. These goblins are going to be dangerous. I never thought id be glad to be with a follower of Torag.

As Salvo and I sneaked in we saw several goblins dancing around a fire. Aside from roughly 20 others there was a king, Chompgut, and his huge goblin body guards.

Alduin's Perspective

That scum Garu’kol is trying to get himself free of those manacles, but I wouldn’t let him. Crushed some goblin heads in the process too: a win win all around. He thinks he’s gonna get out of here, but by Torag, no goblin is spared. Battle is sacred. They fled once. They will not a second time. That said, it’s nice to see Chompgut here. Though I’m disappointed no one had actually chomped his gut. Regardless, Garu’kol knows where to get his treasure. Once that’s done, he’s gone, and Chompgut’ll be no more by then.

But I must admit: I see why some of my brother’s have fallen to Goblins now… I underestimated their blows and their magical capabilities. My beard is singed, my bones are sore, but my will is iron, and my flesh will follow my heart in battle. I just hope the wills and resolves of my companions is half as resolute… I seem to be the only fighter. The only veteran of conflicts. I’m travelling with a fish monger, a detective lass, some hot dancer (HAHA, Alduin can make puns!), a goblin bomber, and Salvo… but Salvo showed me not to underestimate those who aren’t wearing armor and brandishing weapons in the past, I hope the group is at least half as good as he was then and now.

I’m a bit startled by what Chompgut is doing to those big goblins though. It’s got an unearthly feel to it. It’s unsettling to think his magical prowess could be so grandiose and magnificent. A pity he hadn’t made himself as iron in flesh as in mind. I’ve come to find wizard folk’s bones break easy. That said, his fat ones get bigger and un-deadlier (HAHA, OHOHOH).

Once we finally had beaten the “king”… haven taken his crown, he was rendered powerless. They wouldn’t let me deal the final blow: Arlington, Whitt, and Ishmael. They’re all soft. They know little of death and danger. I guess that means its up to me to protect them then though. It’s hard not being in the company of those who know of war and warfare. Those are things I’d rather forget though… its just these matters wouldn’t exist then. I can’t help but not want someone to take charge in combat, killing isn’t a democracy, and these vermin have to die. As far as I care, they can talk to him all they want: but at least I can finish this bugbear now. A right pain in my ass. Salvo found the trap door (clever man!) so I’m thinking of crisping up Garu’kol here.

I made up for my losses earlier though. A hefty sum of coins. More then five that of my original haul of these geodes! Torag be praised! I will devote these to a work worthy of his anvil… unfortunately, it may be my first task as a brother, but at least I will impose it onto me. It’s a bit disheartening to hear that though… Brother Alduin Amberaxe, Paladin of Torag. They made me forsake all my oaths and dealing before Torag, forsake all past gods, to fight his foes. I wish they had made me sooner. I wouldn’t be here then: I’d be on some glorious battlefield, then in my father’s hall, where I pray I may some day return. For all that its worth, I hate being bound to an order… I sought glory, not servitude. Riches, not humility. But what I seek most anymore is repentance. There’s no turning back anymore. Not again.

I left them a geode the next day, the first day as a Paladin. So I should at least spend it the best I can. Well away from the temple: other side of town in the biggest city on Earth. Found some little rock called Rock Bottom. Hah, had I hit that yet or am I still sinking? At least I made a lot of money for coin.

i gave the bartender qtwo hundred gold coins. now i’m an investor. investor alduin amberaxe: that i can eget bgehind. gotta spgend money to make money, hah! this stuff barely effects my thinking. makes my sleepy though. probably nout for the best. but it eases the wounds, the minds, uthe spirit(s, hah!). i may be a paladin, but thkere are evils iyn me li can only hope to drown in fire water tihan holy light.

everyone trickled in slowly, spent a lot of time talkign to saxlvo. ki can’t remember what qi said clearly: i just hope i didn’t say anything too much… there’s a real along blank spot. i’m happy to forget rllteeing wahatever it is, but igf he knew everythingv, he’d probably never trust eme.

i hope these folks aore friends though. whitt says she’s a friend. salvo says so. but txhere’s some secrets you really can’t tell hno one. maybre one day i can mask them for fdorgiveness though. at least having leanred from my mistakes once, i can assure myself, i will never do such again.


I'm NOT Complaining
A peek into the mind of Whitt

Well, my day started on the wrong foot – through no fault of my own! My father was up, waiting for me… and he knew I had been out even though I thought that I was pretty stealthy in sneaking in last night (stepping on Roger’s tail aside). So I got another talking to and he asked me not to go out trying to find adventure anymore (actually he had me promise buuuuut I may not have been entirely truthful, sorry, Dad!). I convinced him I was going to my friend Mary’s (who I stopped being friends with years ago, she’s pretty rude) and may have gotten a job with Arlington.

We started our day in the Rock Bottom Inn, a lovely establishment that had a shadow cast over it by one Gren Blackfoot. But his unpleasantness aside, we all ordered pretty great breakfasts! Potatoes all around!

Salvo told me that a man actually tried to kill him! His name was Leman Barentau (the family that’s trade business has been attacked by a lot of pirates lately, I remember reading about it). That’s awful but I can’t help but feel like that was exciting… At least he has someone who thinks he is a threat! No one thinks twice about me… For now. (That sounds ominous…)

Then we went to the Ascendant Court ‘cause Salvo wanted to investigate something about that guy who took notice of him. Why murder your publicity? He’ll never get in the penny dreadfuls like this!

Turns out that Salvo had to get an amulet inspected at the Temple of Torag. That was what the Leman tried to kill him for.

We decided that we were going to talk to the Barentau’s rivals, the Rudellos. I’m not really sure why, I just heard that we were going shopping and I kinda went wild. Ophelia and I bought the sleeves of many garments and she had a great idea to go into a tailor’s shop to look at the dresses and then have our sleeves turn into the dresses we liked. I can’t wait to try that! But like she said, they’ll be pissed though.

The Rudellos live in the Ivy District and we made our way in without a hassle. But when we got to the house, there was a lot of hassle. For some reason the guard was being super rude and accused me of being a pervert. What an uncultured swine! I bet he doesn’t even have a daughter. No woman would want to procreate with that guy: clearly pedophilia is the first thing on his mind.

Marcus Rudello agreed to see us when we gate-crashed. He gave us information in exchange for info to take the Barentaus down. He says that Barentau has teamed up with the Bloody Barbers. He’s now on their bad side because he tried to sneak out of his debts.

Basically we figured that what we should do is to either break into the Barentau’s house or get in with the Bloody Barbers to find files that would prove that Leman Barentau is a criminal.

I think we should go with the breaking and entering because the alternative is to seduce Gren Blackfoot. Um, have you met me? (Of course you have, you’re me.) I can’t seduce anyone! Least of all a criminal! I want to catch criminals! This goes against all I stand for.

Also, he’s skeezy.

But apparently, we’re going to wait for Gren in the Rock Bottom.

I am going to kill myself before he gets here.

Nope, didn’t kill myself. Gren said that he’d help us set up a meeting. Tomorrow. What is he getting out of this?

Kind of Heroes?
Ophelia's Perspective

The plan went about as well as could be expected I suppose, though not in the way we expected. I tipped off the guard and joined the others to find that Salvo had already found Barentau. He was less… hostile than last time. He claims it was lack of sleep and paranoia over the Bloody Barbers that drove him to attack Salvo. I would expect better from someone of his status, but I suppose blood has nothing to do with behavior. He claims he thought Salvo was a Barber looking to cheat him some more or something. Apparently he borrowed some money from them and it came back to bite him in the ass. Father always did say that you need to think about what the end result might be before you do something. I guess this might be what he was talking about. After that the Barbers showed up. Barentau went to meet them, and as could have been expected, they attacked him. Salvo and Alduin and I rushed in to try and stop it. I did my usual bit of help, but I wish I was more useful. All I really did was flourish my Sleeves and dance to keep moral up. Salvo seems much further on the way to being a hero than me. He so quick and capable! He must have some sort of magic on his side too, because I’m pretty sure he went invisible. He would stab the Barber on one side, then disappear and stab him on the other! Maybe I should ask for some advice, though I don’t know exactly what to ask. Either way, he seems to be like the hero I can aspire to be.
The last Barber turned tail and ran, but we were able to overtake and surround him. He seemed to think Gren would know it was us that stopped the operation, but I seriously think he was lying to save his own skin. Alduin cut him down. I mean that literally. He cut him to pieces. I guess Torag isn’t very forgiving. I’m not sure that’s the kind of hero I want to be, but I don’t think it would have been smart to let him live either. While all this was happening, Arlington flew away on his bat. Mother would have said that made him a coward, though I suppose he has a reputation to think about in this city. I wonder what my reputation is… nothing unsavory I hope.
All the excitement was too much for Barentau. He vomited as soon as we were out of sight of the corpses. I guess seeing a body hacked to peices… not continuing that thought. I might vomit myself.
Barentau explained that the reason his family is doing so poorly is because the financial logs his father had were all encrypted. Whitt thinks she might be able to crack the code, but she would have to see the books in order to do so, and Barentau doesn’t want the books to leave his home. We came to an agreement: we will stay in his home to provide protection from the Barbers and, in the meantime, see if Whitt can decipher the books. The Mercenaries Barentau hired were picked off. We found them on the way to his home. They weren’t random killings either. Each was killed in a very precise manner. The work of assassins it looks like.
Barentau showed us to his library. Apparently the financial logs are disguised as Ossirian history books. As Whitt was looking at them, I noticed there was a shaking sound coming from the books on the shelves. I tried to sense if there was magic around but I came up blank. Alduin seemed to think whatever it was was evil in some way. I shouted at it to show itself and a skeleton popped out! I was stunned and fell over. Alduin said it was a poltergeist, a trickster ghost. Salvo actually ran from the room. It didn’t hurt us, it just kind of left. Maybe it just doesn’t want us there. We spoke to some nearby guards and they said they frequently see lights coming from the library. They say it’s been happening since the old Lord died, Barentau’s father. He also said there was a crypt under the house. Salvo Went back to the study and started trying to talk to it, but it only shoved him and rattled things around some more. We decided to sleep on it until morning.
Sleeping proved challenging as well. It seems the ghost isn’t confined to the library. It kept poking at me and touching me in my sleep. The others had similar experiences. We all moved out to the barn where it seemed the ghost had no dominion. I had been looking forward to sleeping in a proper bed, but we made due. We spoke to Barentau in the morning, but he didn’t seem to have noticed anything. Salvo seems to think it has to do with us not being part of the family, but none of the house staff seem to feel it either. Only one woman, an older maid, had any useful information. She said there was an old story of an old Lady of the house, Helana, who was poisoned by a scorned lover. She said that Helana would have been buried in the crypt under the house.
We told Barentau everything and he seemed to believe us. He gave us the crypt key on the condition that we don’t desecrate the crypt. I get the feeling that something has already been desecrated down there. We entered the crypt, and immediately Alduin sensed evil all around us. Arlington seemed to want to run away again, but I can’t abide that kind of behavior. If we’re going to be heroes, we have to risk ourselves for the sake of others. That’s what heroes do, right?
As if to test my thinking, a group of skeletons appeared around a corner, and a ghost, a wraith, came through the wall. I will be a hero, even if it means only offering my menial help in the thick of battle.


Dear captains log, Ishmael is sorry, that Ishmael hasn’t been writing very often.. Well there have been a lot of interesting things going on in Ishmael’s life, but Ishmaels just hasn’t had the time to really sit down and pen it out! But now Ishmael has time…sooooo here Ishmael goes. Yesterday was one of the straaaanges days ever! Ishmael and Ishmael’s new friends were at this noble’s house.. what was his name.. Barital..Baripal..Barracuda… Ah! Barentau!.. Well, he still looks a little eel-y to me…but anyway, Ishmael and friends were at this noble’s house, looking for information in his family crypt! (FYI it was in his basement.. how weird..) And when out party got inside all these spooks came out and started attacking us! Ishmael wasn’t scared, not even for a minute.. well.. maybe this Ishmael was a tiny bit scared.. but not one has to know that! Besides! How else was Ishmael supposed to feel about meeting some skeleton spooks and an reith?! Ishmael didn’t even know there were still necromancers around these parts anymore… But despite her fears Ishmael valiantly fought onward and saved the day! HACK! SLASH! BAM! SWOOSH! Like a sword fish through seaweed, Ishmael took down those spooks one after the other! With a jab here and a parry there and an uppercut to finish it off, the crowd went wild with cheers! But then suddenly.. The spook of all spooks appeared and with a bony finger he groaned at Salvo “You have what I want!”. Talk about creepy! Though Ishmaels was a little confused about this.. but thinking about it now.. Ishmael is wondering if the spook was talking about Salvo’s amulet.. It’s quite a strange thing for a dead guy to want.. Right? Anyway! Ishmael quickly finished them off single handedly! (okay.. so that’s a lie.. Ishmael couldn’t even hit the last spook with her weapon or anything… But Ishmaels friends had bombs and magic and all kinds of cool shit! And they kind of helped a little with the other bony ghouls too… but Ishmael still fought the best!)
Anyway after the dead were resting in pieces (lol) again our group found this strange.. map.. it had all these places marked off with pieces of bone. But the strange part wasn’t the bone.. it was what was marked.. There were a few guard towers… the light house.. and the barracks.. And the words “the silent tide will rise” were on it.. what the hell could that possibly mean? Ishmael has been in and around the water all her life and she has never heard of any natural phenomenon called the silent tide.. it’s beyond strange if you ask Ishmael.. And targeting watch towers? That just seems a little fishy (lol) and not the good kind of fishy.. Ishmael thinks that all her party members were stumped when we found this, though Witt said that the “silent tide” was a band, Ishmael hasn’t heard of them, that’s for sure so they must not have good music! But back to what Ishmael was saying… mmm.. oh! Right! The map! It’s very concerning… And the worst part is, is that when Ishmael, Salvo, and Alduin went to go talk to old man Kruckstowlie (he was Fathers friend, and he is also Ishmael’s supervisor at the barracks. He has really gotten old since the last time Ishmael saw him.) He didn’t have any good information for us about ghosts and “the silent tide will rise”! But Kruckstowlie told us some story about how Barentau’s dad had sent some men for some kind of assassination and our men intercepted his men and killed one before the assassination could be completed.. It has to tie in somehow with all this crazy stuff going on.. And the night shift hasn’t seen anything strange around the barracks at night.. those bums must not be working hard enough.. slackers…
We ended up going back to Barentau’s pad and he didn’t have much to say about the assassination but he did “mysteriously” find all this money in accounts in other countries. How.. odd… Money doesn’t just show up out of no where.. Ishmael thinks he knew about the money all this time.. but he did use some of the money to pay us all 1000 gold pieces for getting rid of the spooky monsters. But Ishmael still thinks that we should keep an eye on that guy.. but Ishmael will have to worry about that eel after more information on the silent tide. Salvo and Alduin joined Ishmael at the Fort Tempist, where we met us with Alisk Waverunner. (he is quite the gillman if Ishmale does say so herself, MEOW!) Alduin showed his the map and Alisk came to the conclusion that it appeared to look like some kind of battle map. (why didn’t Ishmael think of that.. after being in the military for years, one would think that Ishmael (top of her class) would be able to spot a battle plan from a mile away! But there might be more to it than just a battle map…) So with that new found information Ishmael desided to stay with the search party to comb the Float sum Graveyard for more clues. Slavo and Alduin would catch up with Ishmael back at the Rockbottom when Ishmael was finished.. And it was a very, very, very, long night.. Ishmael forgot how long patrol duty really was.. Ugh! But the strangest of all things happened as Ishmael was heading back to the Rockbottom after swimming forever.. Ishmael actually saw some pretty boy launch himself out a window and book it down the street… he didn’t look intoxicated.. he ran just fine.. but still.. how..odd..

Swimming Lessons

I’m not one to abstain from drinking, but I hardly think this is the time. Gren is here, he might get some men to attack us, and we’re expecting an assault from the sea. I don’t want to be caught tipsy by either of ’em.

There’s a woman here that Alduin says is a succubus? Never heard of it… some sort of demon, he says. She’s not acting much like a demon, but I guess he’d know more about it than I would. He ran off to the temple, but she left long before he came back.

I had a chat with Aden about the whole silent tide thing, figured a bar keep would pick up on some rumors. At the mention of old Taldor conspiracies, he mentioned a historian, Yargas Gill, was on bad terms with the Historical Society because of his research into a similar matter. They think he’s just spouting conspiracy theories, but with the map that we found, maybe they’ll believe him.

We decided to check with Yargas at his home in the Puddles. Whitt led us there. Where does she pick up on all this stuff? I lived down here for weeks and never heard of the guy. We got to his rowhome, and the door was lying off it’s hinges. Yargas was gone, his landlord Taggart said some men came a while ago and carried him off. Said they had small dog tattoos on their hands and that they looked like they were heading toward Torson’s Maw, a nearby cliffside. Whitt said the tattoos belonged to a new gang called the Warhounders. I don’t have much dealings with gangs, but historians don’t seem like something they’d be interested in.

Once we reached Torson’s Maw there were some thugs prodding old men off the side of the cliff into the ocean, chains weighing them down. I tried to yell at them, but I don’t think they heard me. I’m not very loud. But Alduin caught their attention. Looks like we’re gonna get on the bad side of yet another gang. One prick looked at us and kicked the men off. I can’t let them drown in those chains… but dammit I hate the water. It feels so… floaty. The others can handle these guys, I gotta get those chains off. These thugs must be really new, they just let me run right past them to the cliffside. I braced, thinking a jump that high would sting like hell, but I landed harmlessly. Just like last time. Ishmael jumped in right after me. Thankfully the chains were shoddy, I was was able to pop them right off. I struggled back to shore while Ismael and Takka helped the men out of the water.

Alduin refrained from butchering one of the men long enough for us to get some information out of him. Their boss is some guy named Nessian. He wanted these men dead, then he was going to meet back with his men at one of the siege towers. Strange… I wonder if he had anything to do with the Goblins.

We pulled Yargas back up the cliff. He said he unlocked the secret to the Silent Tide’s communications. They would use different colored flares to signal their movements across the city. I was just about to ask what a flare was when a thin trail of red smoke ran upward to the sky. Yargas said that signifies an attack at the granary. Hopefully I air dry by the time we get there, this water is throwing me off balance and making me feel sick.

Everyone versus the Dwarf
Alduin's Perspective

Arlington and I interrogated that prisoner. He poisoned the lad. Said he’d shit himself and it’d burn like gonorrhea if he didn’t start chatting. Got his lips moving a lot looser suddenly. We got what we needed from him. Arlington and I had a mutual agreement: if the man got away when I gave him his chance to finish what he started, like a man, he’d get my hammer. That was a no brainier. I proved right as ever too. I thought the man might have more decency than the two-bit shits we’ve been facing off against. But he turned down the sword twice when I offered it to him. Would he truly spit twice in my face against in front of my friends? I would not live to see my enemies part ways so they might continue to plot, to revel in their survival. To make the fool of me or my party.

But then Salvo tried to intervene. I don’t think he could see the look of confusion on my face as he tried to pull the rapier from me. Why would he try to stop me? This man is evil, through and through, and a coward at that. I shoved him down… didn’t want to hurt the man. I put some neat holes in my foe, as I went to finish him, Salvo tried to stop me once more. Glad I carry that bag of pocket sand around. Blinded him before he could even get near me: I think he slapped one of the barrels actually. But the man was dead. And I could hear the others coming.

Andan was furious when he got down there. Looked like he would’ve tried to fight me with the mug. That would not have worked. But I dropped my rapier. I heard Arlington give Taka a command and his bat hugged me. Guess they were happy I finished off the bastard. I think everyone assumes I enjoy murder. They don’t understand that none walk from a battle with me but my comrades. Those that I let live, those “prisoners” are only buying their rest with what usefulness they have left, so that they might strike me down, or so I might strike them down. But none in Absalom but I have the honor for that it seems.

Either way, Andan banned me from the bar. His loss No one’s gonna drink as much as I. I was more bothered by his words. “The man could’ve changed”. I don’t know what crap they feed these folks at the temple of Seranrae but people don’t change. They bury their guilt and try to drown their devils and demons with fake smiles and forced codes. But they’re the same kind of darkness deep down as the sins that blackened their hands once. I know that all too well. I could tell Salvo weren’t happy. Or Whitt. If Ishmael and Ophelia were there I doubt I would’ve gotten nothing but lip. They don’t understand Turag, or his honor, or anything I stand for though. I don’t abide killers. I don’t abide evil. Once you have done such evil, it changes you, and there wasn’t a bit of honest repentance in his soul for me to feel any mercy for. I will show my enemies no mercy.

I felt the heat of the furnace in my heart and the inspirations of the Forgefather in my mind. I went to the public smithy and went to work. A circlet with one of those meteor geodes in it to start. I spent a good while hammering. Just a start. Nothing too serious. I retired to my chamber to sleep on my geodes, if only to clear my head. I was quickly drifting when they wandered to my door and called me out. They reminded me of our duties to go find and stop flareboy. I apologized to Salvo for the sand. He said that wasn’t what was bothering him. But I can’t say I care. No one asks me what’s up. They forget: they weren’t the ones adventuring, learning, making friends and losing em. They don’t know a thing of this world, as a dwarf, or as a man. I was a boy just a year ago. I quickly learned. It shows.if we leave, they’ll see that quickly.

The guards at the door were a snooze. I scared the dogs into a fright so hard they completely ignored us. We cleaned up the mooks topside and killed Nessio-diddles. He was a chump. We collected what he had, the book, and wrapped up this damned affair once and for all. I could’ve done that by myself… if I were fast enough to catch the coward. They don’t know how happy it makes me to catch them when they flee. How I curse Torag above. He curses me to kill honorable thieves and makes me feel good for cutting down every coward he sends running. That truly is a guilty thing.

We returned the code book to the historic society. There were quiet thanks. I couldn’t ask a reward of a poor scholar. That’d be a cruel thing, and he had been wronged much. I hope the road rise to meet his feet and the sun always be at his back in future endeavors. After everything, he deserves that much. Messenger boy quickly found us outside. Nearly cut him up. Puddles makes me so jumpy. I can barely move in the thigh-high water and practically everyone’s a thief. Its hard not to be. But we were invited to the Grand Dance Hall and so we went.

First problem was inviting me to a noble’s affair. They all know I lack social graces. I’m a Paladin, a monastic-warrior, not a pretty Knight for nobles to call on beck and whim. Got to ogle the finer ladies of foreign lands though. Those dancers have legs. I quickly acknowledged the albino Minotaur as… well a Minotaur. I was surprised to see one topside: they’re usually in mazes and such. And they’re usually not too smart. This one apparently was and I recognized him as a noble of some renown after. Pissed him off… so I’d better STEER CLEAR OF HIM. OHOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHHOO. But really, of course when I own up to my mistakes though, no one’ll acknowledge that much, and I’m the ass for it. Fuck em all. I can’t talk to anyone here. I just miss my adventurers… don’t know what I see in this lot sometimes. I’ll keep praying I can forge stronger bonds with em.

Prissy pants weren’t too happy… but he unglamoured that amulet. It had one of the green gemstones in it. I was shocked, but I wanted it even more now. Those things are truly mystical for… for some reason. They’re pretty, sure, and bless Torag for their presence and comfort. But I can’t put my finger on why I love em’ so. Guess its just a dwarf thing. Rest of the party keeps delving too hard in it. I’m sorta hoardin’ em now. I just think they’re green with envy OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. I crack myself up.

The Green Mist Returned
in which we saw a dragon.

I’ve learned how to tie a decent sheet rope though I still need a lot of practice climbing – I nearly fell into the trash heap behind the grocer’s next door. Nearly. I’ve put together a wooden pole with a piece of bent metal jammed in the top so I can push the rope back into my room and close the window. See, sneaking back in isn’t the problem. I can always calm Dad down when I come back, but trying to leave when he knows about it is hell. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, in my opinion.

After finding Ophelia at the Bottom and being joined with Ishmael shortly after, we went to find the boys. On a hunch we went to the Ascendant Court and found them consulting a High Priest of Desna about a shared dream that Alduin and Arlington had, as well as some acolytes. It seems that whenever a person has put the gem to their forehead (umm, why did anyone think of that in the first place? So weird) has had the dream.

We went to the Arcanamirium to find a mage that specializes in magic gems, Professor Calga and Professor Quennare of the Divination department. Calga said that there was a group of savages called Kasatha in Numeria that believed that the gems had abducted them from space. Professor Quennare tried to scry the stone but after a couple hours, she hadn’t gotten anything. She could tell something was wrong, but something was forcing her attention away.

Soon the Green Mist arrived, I haven’t seen it for months. I was happy we weren’t caught indoors but I realized: what if my father was out looking for me? I had to go find him and my friends came with me. As we reached the Coins, a boy screamed and ran to us. His father had been killed. We took Seamus to my father so he could keep an eye on him until morning while we went to find the beast responsible for his father’s murder.

The monster – a boogeyman? a vampire? a sadistic fuckwheat? – left tracks that led to the sewers. We ran into a kobold who, after giving him gold, led us to a DRAGON.

How the hell did it get down there?


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