Quiet Vagrant


Looking in his direction, his over sized, brown canvas cloak is immediately noticeable. Since coming into money from the Meteor ordeal, Salvo cleaned up a bit. Now he dons a well-made dark-grey cloak. Though getting a good look at Salvo himself is still difficult- he appears to be composed more of air than anything substantial, and he seems to try to stay on the down-low.

Those with quick eyes will see a gaunt man with sunken cheeks and pale blue skin. His white hair is held back with a headband.


Salvo has recently arrived in Absalom and would be seen in and around the Puddles. Seems to watch his back everywhere he goes.

He carries a silver amulet engraved with the symbol of House Barontau. He claims his mother stole it long before Salvo was born. He attempted to return the amulet, only to be attacked by Barontau. Not believing the attack was a simple misunderstanding, Salvo now seeks to find the truth of the matter.

Salvo learned from speaking with Barontau that he was mistaken for a Bloody Barber, come to collect his dues. After helping save Barontau, Salvo is now working to help him get back his family’s fortunes.


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