Lord Gyr of House Gixx

Head of the Grand Council


Tall man with graying hair and light skin, he carries himself with a regal bearing.


Head of the Grand Council, Absalom’s ruling body. Lord Gyr, while he was born and raised in Absalom, left and became a wandering adventurer for some time. When he returned in 4460 AR, he found his city in the hold of a series of vicious riots, he used the soldiers he accrued during his adventures to quell the mayhem in the city. His actions drew the interest of the Grand Council and within six months of his return, he was elected Primarch of Kortos.

Breaking from tradition, Gyr has taken the title of First Spell Lord as opposed to Sea Lord, exchanging his military status with having control of all of Absalom’s magical institutions.

Lord Gyr of House Gixx

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