The Absalom Chronicles

From sewers to the streets

in which Whitt finds out who her true father is.

So, Erix pretended to be a friend (I CALLED IT) and she turned out to be a blood hag who was hiding the children from us. There followed an epic battle in which Alduin nearly died and Ishmael was spelled to sleep while the rest of us couldn’t hit the Hag (which had burst into flame) because we didn’t have magic weapons. Nevertheless, we prevailed and defeated the foul creature.

We woke up an unconscious sewerman named Roge and got him to agree help us find the sewer kids, who scattered throughout the sewers. We planned to leave them in orphanariums or as field hands, which didn’t sound that great, but they were the only options we could think of (seeing as we killed all their parents…).

So we split up to go to different orphanariums: Salvo to Aunt Helga’s, Ishmael and I to East Side, and Ophelia and Alduin to Sarenrae’s Rest. Headmaster Barley of East Side agreed to take a portion of the children we rescue.

When we regrouped, Ophelia seemed really awkward and red-faced. When asked, she said she was mad at Alduin and refused to speak more on the matter. I’m going to have to ask Alduin about it.

The next day, Roge met us with a few of the kids who’ve arrived earlier than expected. He showed us that the kids had bite marks on their necks: the Blood Hag had been feeding off them. We took them to a hospital and found rat bite-marks on them as well. Poor things.

BUT. I have an update on the Ophelia and Alduin:
APPARENTLY, WHEN ALDUIN AND OPHELIA WENT AND GOT MARRIED! AWWW. So that’s why they went off alone! Alduin says that he told Ophelia that if they survived the Blood Hag, he’d marry her and I guess he kept his promise. Have you ever heard of anything so sweet?! I’m upset they didn’t invite me, I’ve always wanted to be a bride’s maid, I’ll try to get them to renew their vows…

Their couple name: Alphelia. Perfect.

Alduin has taken to calling me his daughter, I love it.

We went to Barentau’s house to talk about an expedition to Numeria and we spent the night. Not too long after falling asleep, we heard Alduin yell and rushed to his room. Salvo slammed the door open and something tried to slam it shut. We pushed it open and there was something like a Darkstalker looming in the room. Alduin tackled it out the window and Salvo and Ophelia followed.

I ran downstairs and saw the thing crawling past the windows along the outside the walls with Salvo clinging to it. I ran a few windows ahead, grabbed a ceremonial sword and tried to swipe it off the wall. It ducked and I nearly hit Salvo – thank Desna he’s so fast. Salvo got Alduin’s gem away from it and the Darkstalker-thing disappeared. And then half of Alduin’s gems have disappeared.

The next morning, a town crier said that green gems have been stolen all across the city. We ran home and my dad and Seamus were thankfully okay. Someone had broken into my room and stolen my gems. Arlington’s gems were stolen from inside his vault.

I say, the gems act as portals but only time will tell.

We went to the Arcanamirium to see Professor Calga who wasn’t very happy to see us. His gem had been stolen too, but his office had been wrecked. He kicked us out and Alduin told us about a dream he’d had a while back about five cosmic beings of different colors.


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