The Absalom Chronicles

Cravens and Kids, a Moral Dilemma


Well it feels shitty to be the group-designated torturer. Yeah, I did torture a man once, but my code told me I could, now I’m not so sure I want to. We put down the two in the home, the murloc and the witch, let the survivor go. We’re trackin’ em to a small nursery where they keep there kids seperate. The sick bastards raise em away from surface influences so they can be murderers. I’m not sure how we’re gonna deal with it. I could never kill a child. But I can always kill a murderer…

I ended up pitching the idea that we outta just get the guards to do it. Its sorta their job to handle the safety and wellbeing of the city afterall. The main issue is proving to them these sewer-people are real. Fortuantely, there was a guard with us for Cybil’s testimony, that others exist, and Cybil is locked up in a cell too. Should be all the evidence we need.

Ishmael knew the guards at the front of the Azlanti Keep, and I know the Guard’s name from just bein’ around. His name is Sigmund. Hopefully he’s cooperative: his testimony is important, and having officials clear out that “nursery” Salvo found is important. I don’t think I could go through killing some child, even if he were coming at me. I wouldn’t want to. And I’m not about to die from some brat with a shiv catching my neck or something.

We ended up going door to door like a bunch of assholes and bothering the guards. Eventually though, we found Sigmund. I weren’t happy with him though. The fucker sounded like a paranoid loon. “You could be sewer people for all we know”. The fuck watched that murderer confess from behind bars, cold like a corpse, like it were fuckin’ normal. And he wants to be paranoid to us? And when I mentioned that guards have to make risks, he’s got the audacity to call this a meal ticket. He’s in the wrong line of fuckin’ work. If you take a job, you see it through, and you do it right. If every guards like him, I may as well drink in public, piss in the well, and steal whatever I fuckin’ want. Nothing could anger me more than some cheeky little fuck dismissing his duties like that. I wanted to slam his head into that plate and dare him to call for help, and if I were alone, I would. I get the feeling I wasn’t the only one who felt that way too.

Some bright young lass, chipper, eagerness to her eyes, popped up behind us though. I hadn’t noticed her, but she heard us mention something about children. She seemed underdressed for her job, apparently a guard, but said it was all she could afford. I liked her eagerness, its the sorta thing we need. But uh, Salvo made a note: don’t let her die. We’d be blamed by the paranoid, cowardly guards… not that they’d do a thing about it even if she did die: but I got the message. And if there’s one thing I’m good at doing, it’s killing people. And these hands that make death can stave it off in equal part.

Ended up following Salvo’s trail to the den, saw that skeevy Sewer-shite. He was a bit meek and cowardly again, but, like a dog with its back to a wall. A lot unlike the others… cold and willing, even till their deaths. A differant sort of fight in him either way. He said we wouldn’t find those kids, and we couldn’t get near them, and it was a lot more of the same conversation from before. These kids, murderous as they may be, are kids. We’re gonna do our best to avoid harming them, I know that in my heart.

Soon as that man was dropped though, that girl acted a bit weird. Like, real weird. Like her skin sizzled off and she wanted to eat kids weird. Oh shit.**


Faultywhale Faultywhale

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