The Absalom Chronicles



And another one bites the dust! BAM! WACK! THRASH! POW! The sewer beast don’t know what hit them. Ishmael slashes one and parries to take out another! POP! And the crowd goes wild! These uglies are dropping like.. Well.. Sewer people! Ishmael does kind of feel bad for these poor demented souls. But with their connection to the green mist, it’s Ishmael’s job to take them down! What that ghastly she beast did to Shamus and his father.. That’s unforgivable! None of these sewer beasts have my sympathy. And if Ishmael has the opportunity to take down this “Grandfather” bastard, then Ishmael will do it! We heard that this “grandfather” person was in a mansion of kinds.. It really wasn’t hard to find, just followed the sewer water and there it was! It wasn’t nearly as big as Ishmael thought it would be.. Only a few rooms on the inside, and one of them had the elder. His was the last room we took down. Though.. Ishmael would be lying if she didn’t admit she damn near pissed herself when she saw this monster and his wife. Unfortunately is only got worse from there.. They had their dirty house mongrels attack us but we took them down one after the other! There was magic flying and arrows everywhere! AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE OLD MAN GOT ENORMOUS! Holy shit it was terrifying! Limbs and tentacles and blood were flying every-fucking-where and Ishmael is pretty sure she died for a little while. But the tides turned in our favor when the old mans wife was killed.. Well.. It didn’t turn the tides much.. Pretty sure almost all of us had at least one organ showing or an artery gushing blood.. Wasn’t very pretty.. But we did finally manage to take him down! And then Ishmael collapsed in a pool of blood to rest.. Probably not her best place to rest, that blood might never come out… but Ishmael’s body hurt! And it was heavy and she was so tired… But luckily salvo had this magic wand.. And he patched Ishmael right up!


Faultywhale Faultywhale

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