The Absalom Chronicles

I'm a Monster (Ophelia)

I heard an explosion and stopped my performance. I ran towards the house and helped as best a could, but then something happened. I… changed… I couldn’t think. I couldn’t feel. Everything went red. I was so… angry. I lashed out at the first thing I could find. When I wiped the red from my eyes I saw Alduin and Whitt hitting me. My hands were deformed with monstrous claws. I knew I would try to kill them if I had the chance, so I ran. I tried to run out, but Whitt followed me. She might have been hitting me but I couldn’t feel it. I ran back and hid myself. I was so ugly…

Suddenly there was an explosion and everything went quiet. I didn’t want to look. I heard a voice but I didn’t want them to see me. Then I felt the curse regressing. My hands returned to normal, but I was shaking, and I hurt. I didn’t want to stand. I guess Purple must have died.

Salvo gave me back my gun. I must have dropped it. I didn’t even notice. The others were talking about the other colors and fixing the house. Suddenly the corpse spouted out a green light, then blue then yellow… they spoke of what should be done with us. They said something about a Bloody Eagle. Whatever that is, they want us dead.
Whitt apologized but what was there to apologize for? I was a monster. A liability. A pest. I left and headed towards Berentau’s. I just closed myself in my room and turned in. I didn’t want to deal with anything else for the rest of the night…

The next morning we went for breakfast at Rockbottom. Seeing the familiar place helped get my mind off of last night. The others spoke of tracking down the “Yellow.” Whitt mentioned the bloody eagle thing. She said it was a method of execution where the lungs are torn out and draped over the back like wings. They said Berentau might know more about it or something, so we headed back. He said that humans of Ulfen decent would still practice such things. He also said that if these beings were from another world they’d start researching their history at that point.

No one seems to know what were doing. Alduin seems to think we can sneak in, but we don’t know WHERE yet. We need to find it first. We decided to search the eastern outskirts of the city.

Went to a city east of Absalom called Copperwood. Bandits stole people. No idea where they went. The people in the city said they lost the bandits in the mires. We decided we needed some way to find them uing divination magic. We found out one of the bandit commanders was named “Red Tom.” He used to be Corporal and was denied promotion, so he killed some of his men and ran off. We know he and his bandits tend to move around, but we don’t know if he’s associated with “Yellow” or not.

We decided to go back to Grandmaster Torch in Absalom and ask him what he knows of Red Tom. He said he’s traveling in the plains. He also said he had “Ulgoth the Black Handed,” “Erasmus Kine” and “Rilana Aeregaal” with him. All formidible in their own rights. There are also rumors that he “devours” his victims.

We went over to the mage’s tower looking for someone who could scry the location of the bandits. We found Grand Diviner Exard in the directory and went up to his room. An old Half-Elf. He told us to find an old wanted poster with a picture of the men in question. We managed to find a very freash one of Red Tom and some dirty ones of the others, but some of them didnt have pictures. The mage started scrying, but soon after he started convulsing and yellow light spilled out of his mouth. A voice came out but it didn’t use the mage’s mouth at all. It was Yellow. We were able to get a rough idea of where they are. It’s good that we know where it is now, but it still worries me. Alduin’s Hammer is still at the smith though…

The White Snake Rises
in more ways than one ;)

Team White Snake: Pretending to be a couple on a bench to stake out the guru woman’s house. After an hour or so a tall, regal, fancy-dressed ponce came out of the house. We followed him to a Dance Hall in the Ascendant Quarter and we knew we couldn’t get past the bouncers so Salvo and I decided to split. I climbed the wall and broke through a window and checked the rooms:

  • Office – nothing useful
  • Bedroom – no bed? Foreign clothing: men and women’s
  • Kitchen – silverware set out but not touched

Then it hit me: She was the man we passed. Salvo had figured that out too by the time I got there so we ran back to Barentau’s to tell the others.

Team Boulder Helmet: Traveled to Copperwood to fight some banditos. Ishmael talked to some guards about what happened but they didn’t have that much information to give. They do have horses and horses come from the west. Alduina wantsta hire sell-swords to fight ‘em. We’ll probably have to talk that one out some more, I don’t really trust mercenaries (though I guess I kind of am one? Does that make me a hypocrite?).

After we told them about the supposed shape-shifter, and bemoaned the fact that we are all poor plebs who cannot gain entry to the fabled Halls of Dance, we realized we knew someone who could and did, who had once taken us (when Alduin insulted a mannered minotaur), and within whose house we were currently in.

We went to Barentau to see if he had been in the Dance Hall and had seen our Vudra shape-shifter lady-man. He recognized the description and said that he was Lord Cyne, a member of a small noble house from Taldor. Cyne was close friends with Baron Eathsin, a really influential noble—that might prove troublesome.

Ophelia deduced that it might be an aberrant creature and we laid a plan to ambush it in its house: Salvo and I will sneak in the house and confront Cyne; Ophelia will perform in the street to draw the attention of the passersby; while Ishmael and Alduin, posing as guards, will patrol the district.

When we arrived, a candle was lit in the top story. Invisibly and silently, Salvo and I snuck through a window and then upstairs. Through the cracked door, we saw the Vudra woman standing in her “bed”room, staring out the window. It seemed really staged to me: the light, the conveniently cracked door, the dramatic staring. I warned Salvo and we waited in the office next door for her to make a move.

Then we heard the door downstairs open and, while hiding, we saw a cane reach in and close the door to the room we were hiding in. Salvo practically floated out of the window to sneak back in the one we left open downstairs seeing as the doors creaked so loudly. I leaned against the door and listened to whatever I could hear—which wasn’t much.

After freaking out in the silence for what felt like forever (what if they found Salvo? What if they took him and I didn’t hear? What if they were coming for me and I didn’t know?), I heard a kind of boom and opened the door to see if Salvo was okay, which he was, thank Desna.

Then he moved and threw a thunderstone at the opening bedroom door.

Who the fuck stole my Gems?!
Alduin's (Late) Log

By the time we’d left Illoquix’s smoldering crystal pile in the temple, I was tired. Arguing with the group drains my spirits, and watching Ishmael almost die was pretty taxing. This armor gets heavy too: I found myself in some nameless bar drinking again, just like old times. Someone was able to get my gem out of my hands, dunno how though. I like to think I’ve got a good grip on things: physically, not in my life. Salvo probably slipped it from me when I wasn’t paying attention: hard to tell. Could’ve been Whitt too though, but Whitt probably lost interest as soon as we parted. I’ll wager Salvo slipped em.

Alright: someone managed to get their hands on my stash. Now I’m really hoping it’s Salvo… that was all my gem. Those were my assets: I’m fuckin’ worthless now. I was hoping to sell them all off as precious bauble type gems now that Illoquix is dead. But I guess that’s the end of that fuckin’ plan.

Salvo doesn’t have them. I think. I can’t tell with him, or anyone really, but he offered to come get a drink with me. The gang ended up joining us and we saw Lord Aaron (Erin? I unno.) having a drink too. But he was alone, and he looked lonesome… he said he’d lost his first love this day. Can’t help but feel bad when someone whose all sunshine and rainbows and parties is drinking alone like that, eyes sunken in their only drink. We all listened to him talk for a while, it was a bit heart breaking. But he is a bit of a fool to get all those other unearthly women chasing him too. I’d gladly trade places with him anyday though.

We spoke to Grandmaster Torch earlier and he tipped us off to some bandits out the east side… ballsy shits, they raided the town. I didn’t read much into his grovelings, unlike the others (don’t seem to trust him a whole lot, but I guess I’ma poor judge of character). I’m more interested in the tall fucker he mentioned. He might be like Illoquix, but, he might just be a man. I’m always looking for a foe witha lotta martial prowess. I love to spar and fight with the lads at the Temple of Torag: but an evil combatant that can threaten me? That’s a rare one.

Similairly, we spoke to some of those dream-nuts and decided to seek out the ones who were seperated and coordoned of after they lost their connections to their god. I hope they feel that connection again, but I suppose we all want it. Either way, they still felt Illoquix purveying their dream… or rather, Blue Illoquix. They wanted Whitt but wouldn’t on basis that their reward seemed impossible. Shakes me up a bit that it wasn’t on a matter of principle, but, I guess I was tempted too. Their ring leader is some purple eyed harlot that we suspect might have a connection to those other extraterrestial world eaters. So the party split, despite how we knew it’d piss off God.

Ishmael and I took off to investigate the man in the armor. Apparently he’s got a thousand strong army, but I think sending the two of us over was the smartest move. We can take em, probably. Might need to tie my arm or two up to even it out. The sneaks went after purple princess, said they’d do a stakeout and make a move from there. Hope they can maintain civility, at least until Ishmael and I get back.

Illoquix's end

By the time I got off the ground and wiped off the tentacle slime, Whitt was gone. She had been in the window next to me, but no one had seen where she went. We pressed up the tower quickly- if she ran she was safe for the time being, and if she was captured we had no time to lose. At the top of the decaying tower rest a makeshift throne, and Illoquix was perched on top looking calm and smug.

There was hesitation. The others seemed to think that there was something to say to this monster. As if there was some parley to come to. A bear pays no attention to the buzz of bees as it rips apart the nest and devours the larvae. That’s the way life is. If the prey is weaker, then it’s prey. We have to prove that we’re anything but.

Tired of attempted conversation, I opened fire at it. Some kind of invisible wall stopped the bolt mid-flight. Hiding behind the hidden barricade, it began summoning creatures. As we killed off the demons, my heart sank as Whitt suddenly appeared, just a few feet from the throne, sword at the ready. I wanted to yell at her to get the hell away from that thing, but she was still in disguise. Hopefully it was working. Ophelia began using magic to harass Illoquix from our side of the wall. It’s private sanctuary turned to a prison when it was filled with clouds of blinding dust and choking fog.

As we searched for a way through the wall, it dissipated and the fog flew back at us. Illoquix teleported out of the cloud, and summoned two beings of ice and lava to keep us at bay. By then, we had been fighting for too long, and fatigue began to sink in. Ophelia continued her dance but I could tell it wasn’t the same. The magic was gone, and she was just going through the motions. We were all running out of steam by the time the elementals were destroyed.

Illoquix teleported again, and this time rocked the tower with an explosion. I was lucky enough to be carried to safety by an eddy of air, but Ismael was dead center. When the smoke cleared she was laying on the ground motionless. The others ran to her aid with magic and potions, and I interposed myself between them and Illoquix, ready to shoot should it attempt the same trick twice.

It didn’t. With its arachnid legs and a bladed arm, it flew from the wall and tried to cut me down. Our dance lasted long enough for the others to bring Ismael back. She went from knocking on death’s door, to ripping it off its hinges and swinging it with all her might. With no hesitation she was back in the fight, fierce and determined as ever. I don’t know where she gets her resilience from, but I wish I had half of what she’s got. As the rest of us joined the battle, our numbers began to overwhelm Illoquix. Whitt found an opening and dealt the final blow, piercing it’s third eye with her sword. Life faded from Illoquix’s ‘body’ and we broke apart the gems it was constructed from.

We weren’t really sure what to do from there. Was it really dead? Could it even truly die? All I knew was we had to destroy all the gems we came across. Illoquix’s influence in our world comes from them, and we can’t take anymore chances. We tossed Illoquix’s body and the gems from Numaria into the magma left behind by the elemental. Some of the gems rose from the flames, glowing different colors, and began to speak. They told us that though we defeated Illoquix, others were going to seek out our world and finish the job he started.

…shit. They didn’t even give us time to feel good about this victory.

Alduin started trying to slip away, protecting that damn gem he wears on his head. He wouldn’t listen to reason, denying any threat the gem posed and claiming it made him feel good about himself. He wears the very symbol of the thing that hired half the city to abduct Whitt and wants to destroy our world, and expects us to be OK with it. I won’t let his Dwarven greed and stubbornness threaten our lives. From here on out I won’t listen to a word he says, because I have no idea if they’re his own. I don’t even want him near us while he still has that thing. We must be constantly wary, for however long he wears that gem he is not our friend.

He'll kick you apart.. he'll kick you apart.

Captains log, day….Wednesday.
Ishmael’s been all over this damn city looking for little Whitt. No one can seem to find her.. Which… Ishmael figures is a good thing considering these creepy dreams that people have been having about her. But.. Ishmael doesn’t know why Whitt would just disappear like that all of a sudden.. unless she was captured (totally not possible, Ishmael knows how strong Whitt is), then why wouldn’t she come to us for help. If she were in danger, Ishmael would give her life to protect Whitt.. Hell, Ishmael would give her life for all of her comrades.. Whitt, Salvo, Ophelia, Arlington, Alduin… Ishmael can’t… afford to lose another comrade.. We must find Whitt, she has to be safe. Salvo is checking her home, Ophelia and Alduin are… well.. Ishmael isn’t quite sure about them.. Maybe something about heading to the Rock Bottom? And this one is stuck here at Barentau’s estate waiting for word from the others. Ishmael will update later.. it’s hard to just sit around though..

Update: WHITT HAS RETURNED, UNHARMED!!! Ishmael doesn’t know whether she should have hugged Whitt or punched her for scaring Ishmael like that! Everyone was worried for her safety. Ishmael’s just glad she’s okay… There is only so many near heart attacks a Gillman can have before she locks everyone in the brig to keep them safe.. Oh man.. Ishmael can feel more white hair growing in… Ishmael needs to find these assholes quick and destroy them before they hurt anyone else.. Oh! Speaking of destroying, Barentau’s thug-men-hunter-guys came back from Neumeria, and they had information on the green gems. Apparently the green gems are “shards of ruin” and they’re a “souvenir” from some dead planets destroyed by a douche called “Elloquix”. Ishmael never heard of the guy, and destroying an entire planet? Come on.. that’s ridiculous!.. right? No one can really destroy an entire planet… It seems a little odd for a “destroyer of worlds” to be lurking around himself… And where on earth would a guy like that be hiding.. he has to be ENORMOUS in order to be able to destroy worlds! But, Regardless of his size we have to find him, and detain him. He’s still got a bounty on Whitts head and that has got to come to an end.. Ishmael means.. like.. really.. Whitt has to dress in drag to go out in public.. and we have to call him “White”. It looks like a pretty solid disguise.. s/he looks like a thug. So Ishmael doesn’t think anyone would suspect “White” of being Whitt.. But that’s just Ishmael. We’re about to head out to some place in the puddles, we’re looking for some “Grand Master Torch” guy.. He’s said to have information that might be useful to us in locating this Elloquix monster.. Ishmael will keep you posted CL!

Update: Ishmael seems to by writing to you a lot today CL.. Guess this one just has a lot on her mind.. Hell, maybe Ishmael could use this as a story to tell the future grand guppies.. Ishmael will tell them of her encounter with the underground cave dweller of the puddles, Grand Master Torch, and how he helped guide us to Kaelgor’s Rest, the place where the sinister Elloquix might have resided (Spoiler alert: he’s totally there). And Ishmael will tell those little guppies of her heroics at Kaelgor’s rest, and how she vanquished 30 doppelgangers and 20 tentamorts with her harpoon alone! She harpooned their hearts and crushed their souls! Well… maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the guppies don’t need to know that. Although Ishmael does have to admit, her fins got a little moist (if you know what Ishmael means CL ;)) watching Alduin fight like he did. Like, shit, he’ll kick you apart, he’ll kick you apart.. there were torsos flying left and heads flying right and Ishmael thinks she saw an ear or two stuck to the wall by the end of it.. it was brutal! Mental note CL, do not piss off Alduin…

Adventure Log

Priest Garret Andalin seemed to see right through Salvo’s plan. He saw right through his invisibility and summoned three Dretches, which are the lowest of the low as far as demons are concerned. They can become all other demons, but in this state they’re just kind of lazy and moldy and gross. Alduin started out by pulling Andalin’s robes down around his ankles. He’s doing that a lot lately. Ishmael took out one of the demons in two well placed swings and sent it flying. I wasn’t so lucky. I need to start carrying holy bullets or something. We eventually took out the demons, but Andalin got really strange. Salvo seemed to want to take him alive until he started teleporting around. Ishmael followed him and gave him a square stab in the chest. Then the eye on his forehead sort of… pulsed… and he pulled the harpoon right out. He changed entirely. Bits of him kept flying off but he didn’t seem to react at all. Andalin was gone. What was left was just a corpse; a puppet. It was like watching a marionette get smacked around: it doesn’t actually feel anything, but the controller reacts. What does the possessor gain by hanging onto this lifeless shell? His spells seemed to get more powerful too. Before most of his spells were failing, but after the… pulse… he nearly took out Ishmael. She had to abscond in order to keep her life. In the end, we couldn’t actually “kill” him. Alduin and Salvo managed to cut his hands off in order to stop him from casting spells.

“This is too tiresome,” the voice said. The body ejected a gem from the eye on Andalin’s forehead and the body slumped over. It was finally over.

Salvo tried to reposition the body to make it look better, but to be totally honest I don’t think there was anything to be done; it was pretty destroyed. We decided that we should wait around to see if anyone would show up with Whitt so that we could ambush them. We rested and waited around for a bit but no one came. Ishmael and I went into town for a few supplies and a Scroll of Restore Corpse. Salvo doesn’t seem to like disrespecting the dead, even if they did mean to kill us. I suppose I can respect that.

The night after the fight Salvo spoke to me about Alduin’s whole “wife” joke; at least I hope it’s a joke. He asked if I wanted him to tell Alduin to stop, but I told him I’d rather deal with my own problems. Besides, I don’t understand Alduin’s angle with it. He could just be trying to be endearing or something, like Salvo said, but… I don’t know. A part of me doesn’t want to hurt him. He seems like he’s had his share of hurts and losses and wants to keep things light. Maybe I need to lighten up too…

We decided to split up to search Whitt’s normal places to be and also deal with the whole Priest of Desna problem. Salvo went to the temple and slipped some propaganda around, “Beware the green gems; they lead everyone to ruin. Destroy them. One of your followers was taken by the gems, his body resides at the dilapidated warehouse at the docks.” Ishmael went to check at Berentau’s and I went to Rock Bottom to see if she had gone there. Alduin followed me and felt it necessary to tell the Barkeep that we were married. I decisively told the Barkeep that we were NOT married. I think I will talk to him about this as soon as I know what to say. He might even just keep kidding around just to keep the joke going. Whitt hadn’t been there since we had been there with er, so we decided to meet up with Ishmael at Berentau’s.

No sign of Whitt at all. Ishmael found that Berentau’s gem was stolen out of his amulet. Salvo made the observation that the gem was around before the asteroid fell. We need to find out where the gems are going. I tried to see what sort of magic was on the gem that was used on Andalin. The gem has a certain puppet spell on it that can be forced, but can also be used with a willing participant. Neither Alduin, nor Salvo had the spell used on them, so I can only assume that the entity we’re up against is confident. Cocky. He will only use those who are willing to achieve his ends. I don’t think Whitt is of the mind to let something like that happen to her. I don’t think she is… I hope I’m not wrong…

Alduin & Salvo
I’m not sure I was just having this dream. My dream had a lot more alcohol and cheeky women. Everything looks emerald. There’s pillars of emerald where I just had the dancing poles installed. That man in the throne, at the far end of the room, is where I had the “Hammer of Torag”, a forty-foot long ale-slip-n’-slide, installed. But looking at this place, it’s a lot familiar. Not like my usual “Alduin’s Pleasure Palace” dream. Like my, “Ah shit my rock addiction is kicking in” dream. I dun’t see the other gem-men though. Oh, and Salvo’s here: definitely not at my pleasure palace. That’d be awkward.

That man on the throne… it’s that ragged man from the other night. His glare is giving me that same feeling of dread from before. His voice booms, echoes everywhere throughout this place. He says his name is Illoquix. He came here through space on the asteroid, and lives in the gems… or something like that. Claims to be a destroyer of civilizations, planets, and he’s working for something bigger. I have a hard time believing that from someone with the break-in skills of a panty thief, but if he’s lying he has one hell of a poker face. He has some kind of interest in Whitt… he offered Alduin and I a deal. Bring him Whitt, and he would make us gods before this planet was destroyed. Claimed that the gems had ‘analyzed’ us, and he knew both of our thoughts and desires. Can’t believe that, cause then he’d known that I’d never give him Whitt.

Wonder if he can read my thoughts now. I’m sleeping with one of those gems on… jeez I’ve fucked us again somehow, I’m sure… but if he can, he knows I don’t want to. By Turag though, that’s a tempting offer… anything I want. I could have my old friends back. My hair back. My life back. I wouldn’t be the piss-poor drunk in the bar, surely, Garthund would be. All would be right in the world. But I couldn’t let them see me like this… and I couldn’t cross my friends like that neither. World kept spinning when they died, as much as I hate to say it. So I’ll just have to leave my friends buried. I flipped him off again, woke up in my bed.

Seemed like a dream. It was. But that’s the terrifying thing. My pillow-flask is empty, but, I keep a spare under the candlestick, and another spare tied to the bedframe under where I sleep. I grabbed the candlestick, turned it over, and uncorked the bottom. I took a deep swig before I went and got my actual flask from my backpack. By the time I had uncorked it, Salvo broke in. He looked like he’d been to my pleasure palace and I tickled him funny. That is to say, upset.

Judging by Alduin’s night drinking the dream was real. I wanted to ask for a sip, but I didn’t want to wake up with a massive hangover. I thought the decision should be an easy one, so I pried a bit. Asked him what his “great desires” were. Said he just wanted to “kill, drink, and fuck.” Every time I see him he’s doing at least two of those things, but it doesn’t seem to make him any happier. Of course he asked the same in return. Despite that I thought he would laugh at me, I told him the truth. I want to have a family, a wife and kids. Lots of kids. The caravan can’t follow me onto an island, so Absalom is my best bet for a home. I’m just trying to make it a safe one. He said I had a family already. I didn’t pick up on what he meant, and I hope that didn’t piss him off. What we all have together, though nice, just isn’t the same.

It struck me that if Illoquix could invade our dreams because we touched the gems, he probably made the same offer to others in the city. We rushed to Whitt’s room.

Looking inside, she wasn’t there. That was like a heart attack, and I turned to Salvo instantly. He looked just about as worried as I did. I think we both died for a moment, before we realized that of all people to go missing, Whitt was perhaps the best… next to Salvo. She’s survivable and smart and I’ve got a lot of faith in her. So we did the first thing we could, rally the troops. Ishmael wouldn’t get the fuck out of bed, but I went to my wife’s chambers. Her gold clad, ivory door, smelling of roses and forests. I opened the door, a harp struck as a cacophony of angels descended from the heavens. Her beautiful, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long hair and it’s god-forsaken cowbells of infinite decibels awaited us in her chamber. From somewhere behind the death knells and hair, I heard “Is that you Alduin, my husband?” But then for realsies, she appeared at the door after we beat it enough. I told her what was up, and Salvo split up from us while we went and asked the manor guard’s questions. They hadn’t seen shit but I asked them to be on high alert. We met up with Salvo, thought, “Oh yeah she has a family”, and gave pursuit.

From what I could tell Whitt had climbed out of her room, alone, and snuck over the manor’s wall. She seems to have a penchant for this kind of thing, and she couldn’t have done it at a worse time. We figured her father might have a clue where she sneaks off to at night. As we left, Ophelia got pretty grated when Alduin started the whole “wife” thing. I wonder if it bothers her because she thinks he’s teasing her or because she knows he’s not.

When we got to Whitt’s house, the door was left ajar. I snuck inside, and found Bloody Barbers casing the joint. You’d think experienced brigands would be less sloppy with their B&Es, eh? Figuring that Whitt might be hiding somewhere in the house, I got the jump on one of them, hoping the fight would cause a distraction. The Barber’s must have sent their best mooks; unlike the last, these had a semblance of training and tactics. I was worried that just the three of us might not be enough. But slowly we took them out, until just their wizard was left. Alduin was toying with him, pulling his hood over his head and his pants to his knees. He surrendered, out of what I assume was pure embarrassment. He said they were hired by some Desnan Priest to kidnap Whitt and take her to a warehouse at the docks. Like I thought, others close to the gems had their minds invaded by Illoquix as well. All I can think about is that I brought the gems into the city, sold them, gave them to the priests. I have a hand in all of this… and I have no idea how I’m going to make it right.

We found no sign of Whitt in her house, nor her father or Shamus. Something must’ve tipped Whitt off, and she came here to bring them somewhere safe. But… why wouldn’t she come to us? Does she not trust us? Does she not trust me? Arlington had commented on my… “talents”, insinuating I was going to steal from his shop. Maybe she thinks I’m just a thief, too.

Ended up letting that wizardy type keep his gold and leave. It’s rare having someone surrender, refreshing even… hope the group sees I’m more than just a bloody hammer. We argued for a bit about our plan and moved to the warehouse though. We spotted some guy through a window… a Desnan priest, like we suspected. But we didn’t really have much going for us in light of plans, so, I did what I always do best. Improvised.

For some reason the best we could come up with was pretend Ophelia was Whitt, have her use her gloves of a million fabrics or whatever the fuck they are to dress like her, and I would smear crap on my face and pretend to be a bounty hunter. She hopped up on my shoulder (just like our wedding day. I still remember the doves, the bells, the seraphs descending. The sunlight [as per the spell] radiating off of her face as I walked down the aisle. Whitt was crying) and I carried her to the door. I knocked, said I had her, they let us in. They’ve probably never even seen her.

That Desnan was a hard bargainer… and I had to pull some stuff out my ass too. He was cold, callous, pretty uncharacteristically. I threatened to kill Whitt if he didn’t pay us, had to put my boot on my wife’s head, much to my dismay. He didn’t even flinch. That was, in the least, unnerving, even for me. I started making a slow-walk out after I failed to get any gold, but I turned. A green light caught my eye, and I saw my dove in danger. My heart sank and I yelled out panic word, “So you know, I found her at the FOUNTAIN”. I didn’t even notice Salvo on him until then.
From sewers to the streets
in which Whitt finds out who her true father is.

So, Erix pretended to be a friend (I CALLED IT) and she turned out to be a blood hag who was hiding the children from us. There followed an epic battle in which Alduin nearly died and Ishmael was spelled to sleep while the rest of us couldn’t hit the Hag (which had burst into flame) because we didn’t have magic weapons. Nevertheless, we prevailed and defeated the foul creature.

We woke up an unconscious sewerman named Roge and got him to agree help us find the sewer kids, who scattered throughout the sewers. We planned to leave them in orphanariums or as field hands, which didn’t sound that great, but they were the only options we could think of (seeing as we killed all their parents…).

So we split up to go to different orphanariums: Salvo to Aunt Helga’s, Ishmael and I to East Side, and Ophelia and Alduin to Sarenrae’s Rest. Headmaster Barley of East Side agreed to take a portion of the children we rescue.

When we regrouped, Ophelia seemed really awkward and red-faced. When asked, she said she was mad at Alduin and refused to speak more on the matter. I’m going to have to ask Alduin about it.

The next day, Roge met us with a few of the kids who’ve arrived earlier than expected. He showed us that the kids had bite marks on their necks: the Blood Hag had been feeding off them. We took them to a hospital and found rat bite-marks on them as well. Poor things.

BUT. I have an update on the Ophelia and Alduin:
APPARENTLY, WHEN ALDUIN AND OPHELIA WENT AND GOT MARRIED! AWWW. So that’s why they went off alone! Alduin says that he told Ophelia that if they survived the Blood Hag, he’d marry her and I guess he kept his promise. Have you ever heard of anything so sweet?! I’m upset they didn’t invite me, I’ve always wanted to be a bride’s maid, I’ll try to get them to renew their vows…

Their couple name: Alphelia. Perfect.

Alduin has taken to calling me his daughter, I love it.

We went to Barentau’s house to talk about an expedition to Numeria and we spent the night. Not too long after falling asleep, we heard Alduin yell and rushed to his room. Salvo slammed the door open and something tried to slam it shut. We pushed it open and there was something like a Darkstalker looming in the room. Alduin tackled it out the window and Salvo and Ophelia followed.

I ran downstairs and saw the thing crawling past the windows along the outside the walls with Salvo clinging to it. I ran a few windows ahead, grabbed a ceremonial sword and tried to swipe it off the wall. It ducked and I nearly hit Salvo – thank Desna he’s so fast. Salvo got Alduin’s gem away from it and the Darkstalker-thing disappeared. And then half of Alduin’s gems have disappeared.

The next morning, a town crier said that green gems have been stolen all across the city. We ran home and my dad and Seamus were thankfully okay. Someone had broken into my room and stolen my gems. Arlington’s gems were stolen from inside his vault.

I say, the gems act as portals but only time will tell.

We went to the Arcanamirium to see Professor Calga who wasn’t very happy to see us. His gem had been stolen too, but his office had been wrecked. He kicked us out and Alduin told us about a dream he’d had a while back about five cosmic beings of different colors.

Cravens and Kids, a Moral Dilemma

Well it feels shitty to be the group-designated torturer. Yeah, I did torture a man once, but my code told me I could, now I’m not so sure I want to. We put down the two in the home, the murloc and the witch, let the survivor go. We’re trackin’ em to a small nursery where they keep there kids seperate. The sick bastards raise em away from surface influences so they can be murderers. I’m not sure how we’re gonna deal with it. I could never kill a child. But I can always kill a murderer…

I ended up pitching the idea that we outta just get the guards to do it. Its sorta their job to handle the safety and wellbeing of the city afterall. The main issue is proving to them these sewer-people are real. Fortuantely, there was a guard with us for Cybil’s testimony, that others exist, and Cybil is locked up in a cell too. Should be all the evidence we need.

Ishmael knew the guards at the front of the Azlanti Keep, and I know the Guard’s name from just bein’ around. His name is Sigmund. Hopefully he’s cooperative: his testimony is important, and having officials clear out that “nursery” Salvo found is important. I don’t think I could go through killing some child, even if he were coming at me. I wouldn’t want to. And I’m not about to die from some brat with a shiv catching my neck or something.

We ended up going door to door like a bunch of assholes and bothering the guards. Eventually though, we found Sigmund. I weren’t happy with him though. The fucker sounded like a paranoid loon. “You could be sewer people for all we know”. The fuck watched that murderer confess from behind bars, cold like a corpse, like it were fuckin’ normal. And he wants to be paranoid to us? And when I mentioned that guards have to make risks, he’s got the audacity to call this a meal ticket. He’s in the wrong line of fuckin’ work. If you take a job, you see it through, and you do it right. If every guards like him, I may as well drink in public, piss in the well, and steal whatever I fuckin’ want. Nothing could anger me more than some cheeky little fuck dismissing his duties like that. I wanted to slam his head into that plate and dare him to call for help, and if I were alone, I would. I get the feeling I wasn’t the only one who felt that way too.

Some bright young lass, chipper, eagerness to her eyes, popped up behind us though. I hadn’t noticed her, but she heard us mention something about children. She seemed underdressed for her job, apparently a guard, but said it was all she could afford. I liked her eagerness, its the sorta thing we need. But uh, Salvo made a note: don’t let her die. We’d be blamed by the paranoid, cowardly guards… not that they’d do a thing about it even if she did die: but I got the message. And if there’s one thing I’m good at doing, it’s killing people. And these hands that make death can stave it off in equal part.

Ended up following Salvo’s trail to the den, saw that skeevy Sewer-shite. He was a bit meek and cowardly again, but, like a dog with its back to a wall. A lot unlike the others… cold and willing, even till their deaths. A differant sort of fight in him either way. He said we wouldn’t find those kids, and we couldn’t get near them, and it was a lot more of the same conversation from before. These kids, murderous as they may be, are kids. We’re gonna do our best to avoid harming them, I know that in my heart.

Soon as that man was dropped though, that girl acted a bit weird. Like, real weird. Like her skin sizzled off and she wanted to eat kids weird. Oh shit.**


And another one bites the dust! BAM! WACK! THRASH! POW! The sewer beast don’t know what hit them. Ishmael slashes one and parries to take out another! POP! And the crowd goes wild! These uglies are dropping like.. Well.. Sewer people! Ishmael does kind of feel bad for these poor demented souls. But with their connection to the green mist, it’s Ishmael’s job to take them down! What that ghastly she beast did to Shamus and his father.. That’s unforgivable! None of these sewer beasts have my sympathy. And if Ishmael has the opportunity to take down this “Grandfather” bastard, then Ishmael will do it! We heard that this “grandfather” person was in a mansion of kinds.. It really wasn’t hard to find, just followed the sewer water and there it was! It wasn’t nearly as big as Ishmael thought it would be.. Only a few rooms on the inside, and one of them had the elder. His was the last room we took down. Though.. Ishmael would be lying if she didn’t admit she damn near pissed herself when she saw this monster and his wife. Unfortunately is only got worse from there.. They had their dirty house mongrels attack us but we took them down one after the other! There was magic flying and arrows everywhere! AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE OLD MAN GOT ENORMOUS! Holy shit it was terrifying! Limbs and tentacles and blood were flying every-fucking-where and Ishmael is pretty sure she died for a little while. But the tides turned in our favor when the old mans wife was killed.. Well.. It didn’t turn the tides much.. Pretty sure almost all of us had at least one organ showing or an artery gushing blood.. Wasn’t very pretty.. But we did finally manage to take him down! And then Ishmael collapsed in a pool of blood to rest.. Probably not her best place to rest, that blood might never come out… but Ishmael’s body hurt! And it was heavy and she was so tired… But luckily salvo had this magic wand.. And he patched Ishmael right up!


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